Many long-term staff who are nearing retirement may wish to transition into part-time work and with no 'official' retirement age, some organisations struggle with having these conversations.

InTransition is a comprehensive programme, designed InTransition will identify each individual’s ‘readiness’ for specifically for New Zealanders in the 50+ age group. It change and is customised to each individual participant offers the opportunity to consider and reflect on other in order to provide them with the best outcome: approaches we might choose to transition between work and retirement. It is designed around six areas we need to consider to prepare well for a phased or full retirement. InTransition is not a ‘one size fits all’ and its built-in flexibility ensures the individual gets advice pertinent to his or her situation.

Transition is a time between places and states and an opportunity to consider and reflect on other approaches we might choose to take to the various aspects of our lives. This programme is about preserving our value and contribution to society as we transition from one stage to the next.

InTransition will identifies each individual’s ‘readiness’ for change. It is customised to each individual participant in order to provide them with the best outcome:


Individual Assessment

Identifies specific gaps and areas to focus on when planning a fulfilling and productive retirement.



Outlines programme structure and how it works.


One-on-One Meetings

Prepare a plan for the individual (based on the individual assessment).


Individual Coaching

Monthly catch-ups to help keep individuals ‘connected’ to their plan.

Topics covered

1. Career & Work – Work offers us a range of benefits, from income to a sense of place, routine and values. Defining our skills and strengths will be important to the way we shape our lives in retirement.

2. Health & Wellbeing – In order to enjoy life and take up opportunities available to us, we need a certain level of health and wellbeing, physically, emotionally in our connections to the world.

3. Money – It’s never too late to plan for the future and a small investment in time now will go a long way to ensuring a sustainable lifestyle in retirement.

4. Family, Whanau & Friendships – A significant part of our social needs are met through working alongside others in the workplace. When this part of our life is reduced, we can feel ourselves out of the loop unless other social networks are in place.

5. Travel, Hobbies & Social Life – There are as many ways to enjoy our time as there are people. Here we break down the categories that are common across all activities.

6. Personal Learning & Development – Just because we finish full time work, it doesn’t mean we stop learning and developing. There is now vast evidence that those of us who keep learning are happier and more mentally fit.


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